J4K (just for kicks) line dancing ...

... is a group of great people enjoying sharing the fun of line dancing. Those who come dancing are from all walks of life - all ages, all shapes and sizes and a wide range of fitness levels and line dancing experience. The J4K home base is South Witham and we also hold sessions in Corby Glen in Lincolnshire. It is not unusual for us to dance up to 12 dances each session. Typically, before we start dancing, we spend a short time reminding ourselves of the dance steps and sequences - a quick walkthrough - from the top!


What line dances do we do? Take a look at 'all dances' and 'coming soon'. For each dance, wherever we can, we provide links to a video of the line dance in action (often from youtube), the music we dance to and step sheets.

If you want to see very brief youtube videos demonstrating some of the basic steps used in line dancing, take a look at 'basic steps'.

If you want to see some odds and ends of information about line dancing, take a look at 'stuff'.

A variety of video footage of J4K line dancing can be seen in J4K in action. Enjoy!

You are welcome to join us line dancing at any time.